Introducing our Collection!

Introducing our Collection!

Lola Olivia Introduces our Bra Collection for Young Women 🤎

Let’s be honest; puberty is rough!  We get it!

At Lola Olivia, we are offering four styles: the underwire bra, the bralette, the bandeau, and a sports bra. We focus on fit, support, size, and proportion for our young women.

Our bras are age appropriate, subtle, and functional, with cool metal hardware and soft material that feels like a dream!!

We want young women to embrace their blossoming bodies and feel comfortable all day wearing a LO bra, whether they’re at school, in the locker room, or on the soccer field.

We believe that if we focus on our youth by supporting them from within, we can help promote a positive self body image and strengthen the mental health and well being of our amazing tweens and teens.

Lola Olivia provides a safe space for young women to start their journey towards becoming their best selves.

We are here for you, my dears!

We love you!


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