My young adult needs undergarment support for her growing body. What do you suggest?

We suggest wearing The Demeter, our cotton jersey bralette. It’s made with a soft double layer of 100% cotton, smooth elastic, and adjustable straps. It also has removable A cup pads for a modest enhancement and nipple coverage. The comfort and coverage offered by The Demeter makes it the perfect first bra!

How does the LO Binder work?

Our binder is a wonderful piece specifically designed for the tween or teen entering puberty who wants to compress their chest in a safe way. The front piece has three layers - a spandex outer layer, a denim middle layer, and a power mesh lining. The power mesh is very soft to the skin, while the denim provides a great compression that is not painful or too constricting. The spandex outer layer is smooth and sleek, keeping the binder subtle under clothing. The double layer spandex back panel makes the binder easy to take on and off.

How does the LO Binder fit?

Our binder is customized for a young adult - it has a scooped neck in the front and lowered armholes, and the hem sits above the belly button. These features allow it to be worn under loose short sleeve shirts and even tank tops! There is minimal top stitching which does not show through to one’s clothing.

What if I just want a light compression or light coverage, and don’t want or need a full bra or binder?

We suggest the Athena Bandeau, which is similar to a tube top. It is made of spandex, and the front layer has a thin middle layer of neoprene. The beauty of the neoprene is that it offers a light compression but is not as major as wearing a chest binder. Lightweight and soft, the bandeau is the perfect way to get coverage without wearing something that looks and feels like a bra.

What Lola Olivia product will help with nipple coverage?

All our products will provide nipple coverage. The bandeau top has a layer of neoprene that provides coverage. The binder has three layers of compression in the front and also provides good nipple coverage. The bralette with removable pads has a double layer of cotton knit which works well for nipple coverage, as well as the removable pad when in the bra is very effective with nipple coverage too!

How do I know what size to buy for my young adult?

Follow our size guide to find your perfect size. Make sure you are thorough when measuring. If you feel that you are in between sizes, for a binder we suggest going towards the larger size and for the bra and bandeau, we suggest going down a size.

I am feeling overwhelmed and not sure what Lola Olivia product is right for me. What do I do?

Send us an email!
Contact us at: hello@lolaolivia.love! We have an awesome and compassionate staff who will take the time to personally answer your questions and guide you through this process. We are here for you! Pinky promise!