Lola Olivia Supports Trans and Non-Binary youth

Lola Olivia Supports Trans and Non-Binary youth

We at Lola Olivia are proud advocates for the trans youth community. 

If you're new to being an ally, we have some suggestions for how you can show support:

💛Hold space for these teens to express their emotions

Being a teen and navigating through puberty is hard, and for a trans teen, it can be tough. It's important for allies to provide a safe space where teens can talk about what they're going through emotionally. Have the patience for them to open up and feel safe to let go. It is everything to know that someone is really making the time for them to figure out how to express themselves. Your understanding of their journey is so helpful!

💙Listen to and believe them.

Your teen knows what's up. They may not always be able to find the right words to say it, but they know what they feel and are better than anyone else at expressing that. Allow them to teach you about their own experiences, doubts, triumphs, and needs. Practice active listening, and validate the emotions your teen expresses! Allow them the freedom to feel everything and let it out. I promise when they look back as an adult, they'll cherish the moments you were there for them. Your support is everything!

💜Provide them with gender-affirming clothing

One of the best ways to help a trans teen is to get them gender-affirming clothing. When youths have an opportunity to express themselves through their clothing, it will completely change their lives. Wearing clothing that they identify will open up a whole world of opportunities for your kid to express themselves in the body they identify with. Shopping spree! 

🧡Join a group for LGBT parents and allies

You are not alone! Meeting with other parents and allies will help you learn about the LGBTQ community and methods of how to best support your child, as well as how you can find your own support system as a parent of an LGBT TGNB teen. Finding your people is so helpful!

We will be sharing programs and places on our website where you can get some info and find LGBTQ parent groups close to you!

Thank you for being an ally for a trans tween or teen! You're awesome!

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I want to get a binder, but my parents don’t support it. They say they support me but think that I am joining a trend or am just confused. They say I am too young when I am for sure (at least for the time being) that I am non-binary. I am almost 13. Support from people (even if it’s people I don’t know) means everything to me.

Bean (Trying to find out name, so I go by my nickname)

Your company is awesome and so understanding. I will be referring others to your company!


I’m brand new to this, my daughter came out to me yesterday. I want to be as supportive as possible, I’m not exactly sure where to begin.


As a ftm trans 11 year old, how do I tell my parent about my gender if I know they are homophobic?

Vincent (preferred name)

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