This is my Lola

She is my best friend, my inspiration, my sunshine 😊

When Lo was almost 13, I decided to take her shopping for a proper bra. Up until then, she had been wearing sports bras, and didn’t really get that she needed a “real” bra for when she wasn’t playing soccer or in dance class. I told her we would make a day of it, city shopping; a fabulous lunch. Surprisingly; my “almost teenager” was into it - and off we went!

The mother-daughter bonding experience I had been hoping for quickly plummeted into being anything but. Not only did Lola shy away from the sexualized, garish, abysmal selection of bras that we saw; but she became annoyed and embarrassed about the world of puberty, becoming a woman, and how she did not resonate with any of it.

This realization was both heartbreaking and incredibly eye opening for me.

I started to think about other parents and their experiences with their daughters as they entered the wonderful puberty world. I thought about trans tweens and teens, and how every day more and more amazing young adults are finding themselves and embracing their true gender identity. 

Where was that company, where trans young adults had options of proper undergarments to wear as they navigated through puberty? Where was that company where young women like Lola could shop comfortably and feel strength in her journey towards womanhood?

When youth doesn’t have a positive, tangible resource to support them, the result can be damaging and even traumatic to their growth and mental well-being. Body shaming and bullying starts young, and escalates during puberty into depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Young adults need us now more than ever; it’s tough out there! And social media is a fickle beast.

SO! Lola Olivia was created.

Named after my most favorite person ever. 🥰

I believe that, at Lola Olivia - we will uplift, empower, and support our youth. We need to modernize how we shop for undergarments, and provide transparency for our young clientele.

And this is just the beginning! Stay tuned and follow us everywhere to not miss a beat of Lola Olivia.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. I love you all.


- Jody


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This is our second purchase and my child was excited to receive another undergarment! Thank you for the hat for them, lol they were happy to wear it, smiling away!!!
Question, any thought on a binder with thinner straps for the summer?
We love your products, they feel so much more comfortable now! Thank you so much!!!


I am so glad I found this company, my child and I explored the undergarments you have and made a choice! The purchases we made were amazing and they were so happy and excited for them to arrive, when they did I wrapped them in a beautiful Christmas box and gave it to them. The smile on their face will warm my heart forever! Thank you for guidance on how to measure, the binders fit perfectly, so soft and safe!!! Thank you Lola!


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